"Have you ever wondered what types of question the Father asks you as you struggle to change your mindset, find direction, or question your effectiveness? When Dave is centered in his spirit, and locked on to your train of thought, you hear the Father’s voice in Dave’s words, you feel His emotions in Dave’ patience, and you sense Heaven’s intentionality when you respect and absorb the love hidden in a question, as it falls naturally off Dave’s tongue. Oh to be the target of Dave’s attention and experience the life changing questions. If you’re interested in life changing dialog, get onto Dave’s radar and prepare for verbally induced heart surgery. He’s changed my life! "

Jeff Stewart
CEO, Elohim Resources Corporation
Vacaville, CA
Dr. David Migliore is a great coach. He has an uncanny ability to help you discover where you need to go, how to navigate that course, and why it is important for you to go there. Dave has coached me in a major job transition, starting a new business, and understanding more fully my purpose and calling in life. He coaches in an intimate, non-judgmental, friendly way, while at the same time pushing enough to keep you finding answers and moving forward. I recommend Dave to you highly. His energy, enthusiasm, and insight, make him an asset to anyone looking for a coach.

Tim Troyer
Founder and President
Excecutive Momentum Coaching and Consulting
Sugarcreek, Ohio
David has a heart for taking people past the issues in their lives and into the joys of releasing what God has placed within them. His intuitive listening skills, combined with the well crafted questions he asks, provide a coaching environment of deep exploration and rewarding breakthroughs for those he coaches.

John Nowacki
Lifeforming Leadership Coaching
Coach Trainer
Virginia Beach, Virginia
Dr. Dave is an amazing coach who is full of enthusiasm, encouragement and insights. He coached me on time management and office organization. He came and spent a full day going through my office helping me find a new level of productivity. He was gentle with me yet challenging. His coaching questions forced me to think deeply about how I was doing things and why. But the greatest benefit that I will never forget is that Dave helped me see myself in a different, more positive light. His coaching is loaded with the message "I believe in you and I am pulling for you." My life was impacted having him as a coach.

Martin Flack
Businessman & Pastor
Dr. Migliore has served as an advisor to me and other senior staff members at Transformational Leadership Coaching International, Inc. In his capacity, he has added significant value to our company. He has a strong ability to think in both detail and "big picture" terms at the same time. Even more importantly, he manages to get to the root issues and asks pivotal questions about those issues. His intelligence is obvious; his passion for excellence is clear; and his communication is skillful and professional. He has impacted the marketing strategy, operational policies, staff culture, and financial strategies significantly. There have been few areas of the company that he has not offered insight and practical suggestions that have proved valuable. In addition to his professional insights, he has shown himself to be a friendly, generous man with a heart that is even more remarkable than his abilities. It has been truly enjoyable to work with him.

Scott Wozniak
Director of Operations
Transformationa Leadership Coaching International
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Dr. Dave Migliore is an excellent coach, trainer and mentor. His business and leadership initiatives are infused with a passion to live a life of excellence.
The secret to Dr. Dave’s success is centered in his commitment to live a principle-centered life. He has been appropriating these principles for successful living in his business and family life for well over 30 years. His hunger to excel and compassion in assisting others is both uplifting and instructive.
I know Dr. Migliore to be a man of integrity. He is committed to assisting others achieve their highest potential. I wholeheartedly recommend his services with the full confidence that your life and business will be enriched through his insights and experience.

Dr. Phil Gauthier
Hope in Life Church
Carmel, New York

Dr. Dave has the heart of a champion and possesses an incredible ability to impart spiritual truths in a loving, positive and supportive environment. He has an innate desire to grow and develop in spiritual maturity and embraces the principles that he passionately imparts to others. Dr. Dave has an incredible heart to develop others into the champions they are called to be. I consider it a privilege and honor to know him as a precious friend, family man, coach, and fellow teammate.
If you are looking for a coach, mentor, or speaker to step up your game in life who will inspire and motivate you to change, Dr. Dave is your man!

Wannetta Wagner, International Coach and Coach Liaison, GEI
Phoenix, Arizona