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Dr. Dave Migliore of Practice Principles

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Dr. Dave is a Certified International Master Coach with the GEI and also a graduate of Transformational Leadership Coaching in Virginia Beach (now Life forming Leadership coaching) Dr. Dave will personally walk you through several courses towards personal transformation and personal development .


Dr. Dave holds a PhD in Temperament Counseling from Cornerstone University
He will walk you through a course on understanding human behavior and development while teaching you how you were wired by God, what the 3 areas of needs in your soul are, why you need to know them, how you meet these needs and what happens if you donít . He uses the Arno Profile System to produce a detailed report and a snapshot of your specific needs .


Dr. Dave has over 35 years experience in successfully managing and operating a business, developing and implementing management systems, team building and what is necessary to meet and exceed the bottom line in business. He is the co- founder and developer of a world- wide training organization (The GEI) in which he has developed a training system, and organizational structure that continues to grow and thrive.


Dr. Dave has been the keynote speaker in large and small venues around the U.S. and is available for speaking.

Small Group Training

Dr. Dave has extensive experience in teaching, training and leading small groups. We have several experiences and teachings available to grow your business through personal development and life mastery, or can customize a training to meet your needs .